Hub City Disc Golf Club Bylaws


The name of this organization is the “Hub City Disc Golf Club” hereafter referred to as the HCDGC.


The mission of HCDGC is to foster the growth of disc golf, play disc golf and fellowship with other players of
all skill levels, in Spartanburg County and the surrounding area. The Club will achieve this through the
organizing of, competing in and volunteering at disc golf events. As a Club, we strive to raise the frequency and
quality of play on our local courses by our local players. We also strive to welcome players visiting from the
surrounding area and to build partnerships with the local community of businesses and organizations.


Active membership in the HCDGC is contingent upon payment of an annual membership fee. Annual membership dues are an amount set by the board. Memberships coincide with the club year as set by the board.

The privileges of a Club Member include:
 The right to nominate club members for the Board of Directors
 The right to vote in HCDGC elections
 The right to hold a board position in the HCDGC
 The right to not be discriminated on for any reason, including race, creed, religion, lifestyle, or ability
 The right to speak up, be vocal, have a voice on what you want out of your club and the officers that run
it for you
 The right to attend Board meetings or called membership meetings

Club Members agree to follow the club rules and bylaws at all times both on and off the course. Non-members and inactive members shall have none of the privileges of Club Members.

Membership may be revoked without refund by the Board for conduct that reflects negatively on the HCDGC or the Board. The revocation process will require a Board meeting (in person or online) with or without the club member present where the Board will determine if the actions of the individual warrant revocation of
membership. If so, the club member in question will have an opportunity to defend themselves prior to the Board voting on any action. Revocation will require a two-thirds vote by the Board. Should any club member
have their membership privileges revoked they can re-apply for membership the following club year.

Membership renewal is automatic unless contested by a member of the Board. The contested membership renewal process will proceed the same as the revoke process above.

The Club and the Board share the common goal of procuring new club members and not denying memberships, but not at the cost of allowing members in that may negatively impact the positive nature and message of the Club. Therefore new membership applications are automatic unless contested by any current club member or Board member. The contested new membership process will require a Board discussion (in person or online) where the Board will determine if the new membership is granted. The new club member in question will have
an opportunity to defend themselves prior to the Board voting on any action. New membership denial will require a majority vote by the Board. Should any person be denied membership, they can re-apply for membership the following club year.


Guests are welcome and encouraged to participate in all HFDGC activities, unless specific events are reserved for HFDGC members only. Bring your family and friends, all are welcome to participate and encouraged to join.

Inactive Members

Any club member whose dues remain unpaid 30 days after membership renewal date will be declared an “inactive member”, and may or may not be removed from club notifications. Inactive club members have no club rights, the same as non-club members, once they are declared inactive. Inactive status can be immediately changed to active status once annual dues are paid in full.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the HCDGC and is referred to in this document as the “Board”.

All Board positions shall be a two year terms coinciding with the calendar year. In the interest of leadership continuity, when possible not all Board positions will be filled each year. Ideally 3 to 4 existing Board members will remain as long has their service is less than 2 calendar years. Remaining board members will be promoted to executive positions based on vote of the outgoing Board provided those remaining Board members want to serve in an executive position. If all Board members have served for 2 years, then all positions must be filled via the voting process. There are no term limits for board members. Board members may serve for as many terms
as they are elected.

Nominations for open Board positions shall take place during the month of November and the election held during the month of December. Members can nominate themselves or other willing active members. The nomination must be accepted by that nominated member to be considered valid. Nominations shall be open to all members at least 18 years of age, and is a current Club member, and who are able to fulfill the duties of their position, including attendance to Board meetings.

Board members are elected via an on-line, email or in-person vote. Nominations will be posted on the HCDGC social page and/or disseminated via email at the end of November. Voting will commence first of December and end after in person voting as occurred. Write-in votes will not be counted.

Members are voting for service to the Board and not specific Board positions. The highest vote receivers equal to the number of open positions will be elected to the Board. Ties will be decided by a runoff election vote to be done immediately. If the voting again remains a tie, it will be decided by the highest ranking officer, not involved with the tie. The officers are ranked in the order shown below.

Board Positions include:
 (1) President
 (1) Vice President
 (1) Treasurer
 (1) Secretary
 (3) At-Large Members
Open executive positons not filled by promotion, will be filled from among the newly elected Board members. The new Board will discuss and vote as needed to fill each of the positions. Those not promoted to or voted into executive position will serve as at-large members. In the event the new Board cannot fill executive positions via
majority vote, the club Trustees described below will vote to break ties.

Failure to perform the duties of their position or engaging in behavior that reflects negatively on the HCDGC, may cause a Board member to be dismissed from the board by a plurality vote of the Board excluding the member in question. Any Board members that quits without notice will be understood as resigned without notice. Absence from three consecutive board meetings without a valid reason in the judgement of the rest of
the Board will be understood also as resigned without notice. Any Board member dismissed or that resigned without notice will automatically have their membership revoked and must follow the membership revoke process described in the membership section above if they wish to be reinstated. Any Board member dismissed or that resigned without notice cannot be nominated to serve or serve as a Board member in the future.

In the event of a vacancy in a position on the Board prior to end of the position’s 2 year term, the vacancy shall be filled with a majority vote of the Board. The Board may decide to fill the vacancy by a special election if they so choose.

Individuals may not hold more than one Board position; however, when a vacancy exists one or more of the existing Board members may fulfill the responsibilities, but not the voting rights, of the vacant position as an acting member until the position is filled. Additional Board positions may be added as necessary, but shall require an amendment to these bylaws as described herein.

Board members shall serve the HCDGC on a strictly voluntary basis with no monetary or material compensation. No Board member shall gain any personal profit from the actions of the Club. In order to establish a clear barrier against conflict of interest, no one may serve on the Board who will receive direct monetary benefit from their service on the Board. Reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the HCDGC by Board members will be paid by HCDGC funds. No officer shall be personally liable for any debts or liabilities of the Club in general, unless said Board Member’s acts or omissions, causing such debts or liabilities, involve willful or wanton misconduct.

Duties of the Board

The President will:
 Attend monthly board meetings
 Schedule meetings of the Board as needed and set the agenda for those meetings
 Preside at all meetings of the Board and general meetings.
 Have the authority to make purchases, pay invoices and sign checks with the approval of the Board
 Be the sole authority to sign contracts or legal documents with the approval of the Board.
 Serve as the primary interface with the state and national disc golf community
 Oversee the annual nomination of Board members

The Vice President will:
 Attend monthly board meetings
 Perform the duties of an absent President
 Have the authority to make purchases, pay invoices and sign checks with the approval of the Board
 Perform such duties as are assigned to him/her by the President or Board
 Assist the President with annual Board nominations

The Treasurer will:
 Attend monthly board meetings
 Have the authority to make purchases, pay invoices and sign checks with the approval of the Board
 Maintain the Club’s bank account
 Provide a report of the club’s finances at each Board meeting.
 Coordinate the collection of dues and keep track of paying members
 Perform such duties as are assigned to him/her by the President or Board

The Secretary will:
 Attend monthly board meetings
 Record and disseminate the minutes from club meetings
 Maintain membership lists and contact information
 Perform such duties as are assigned to him/her by the President or Board

The At-Large Members will:
 Attend monthly board meetings
 Perform such duties as are assigned to them by the President or Board


To complement the work of the Board and ensure continuity through leadership changes, the club shall have Trustees. Trustees are respected club members with a long standing history of club membership, participation, and service to the club. Former Board members are automatically appointed as a Trustee for a lifetime term as long as they maintain active club membership. Board members that were dismissed or resigned without notice shall not be Trustees. Anyone having their membership revoked shall not be a Trustee. Lifetime term Trustees (former Board members) can be removed by two-thirds vote of the Board and the other Trustees. Trustees that are not former Board members, can be added as a Trustee by two-thirds vote of the Board and the other Trustees.

Trustees can:
 Vote to break ties in the setting of new Board executive positions
 Vote on amendments to these bylaws
 Be invited on occasion to meet with or participate with the Board in an advisory, non-voting capacity
 Remain on any Board communication or social media page
 Represent the general membership
 Be available to fill in for vacant officer positions
 Perform such duties as are assigned to them by the Board


The Board will meet monthly at the time and place agreed upon at the previous meeting. Board meetings will be conducted in a professional, courteous and friendly manner. The President as the authority to dismiss from a meeting any Board member or member not conducting themselves in this manner. Quorum: At least a majority of the board must be present in order for the Board to conduct official business. A majority vote is the standard for expressing the will of the board. The Secretary will take minutes to record the discussions and decisions made at the monthly meetings. The club secretary will type out and forward those minutes to the Board for review and approval. Upon approval minutes will post them to the club website. Special Meetings: The Board may schedule additional special meetings as deemed necessary.


These bylaws shall govern the organization and operation of the HCDGC. Proposed amendments or revisions to these bylaws will be published (online is permitted) at least seven days in advance before voting. Amendments or revisions to these bylaws shall first be drafted and approved by majority vote of the Board. The proposed amendments or revisions are then approved by two-thirds vote of the Board and Trustees. The Board must be full (all 7 positions filled) for amendment voting to occur. All Board members and all Trustees must cast a vote on amendment changes.


The HCDGC may be dissolved by decision of two thirds of the Board and Trustees followed by a vote of the
majority of its members. If the HCDGC is dissolved, all assets, funds and proceeds of the HCDGC, after the
payment of all debts, obligations, charges and accounts of the HCDGC shall be distributed for charitable,
scientific, literary, educational or public purposes as provided in the mission statement of these bylaws.

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